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Moorland Management

We provide the necessary focus and management to help preserve this historic and rare environment.

C.G.C work with various Authorities in combating Moorland erosion using proven Moorland management schemes to prevent further erosion and by restoration of areas already damaged.

Sensitive Moorland areas are under threat of drying out, Moorland restoration can help to raise water levels, which has a positive effect on carbon storage, where gas is effectively locked into the peat, and flood alleviation.

CGC Ltd are able to re-vegetate bare peat by a series of mitigating restoration techniques;
• Application of lime and fertiliser
• Re-seeding areas with grass nurse crop
• Spreading of heather brash, heather bales or geo-textiles creating a protective cover for the new vegetation.
Technical approaches to upland path management include:-
• Stone Pitching – Used on eroding sections of steep path
• Re-seeding areas with grass nurse crop
• Causey Paths – Laying of stone flags on flat peaty surfaces-Landscaping


We use machinery to re-profile and level the ground, improve drainage and block multiple walk lines. Other landscaping techniques are done by hand on more remote sites, e.g. ‘cut and fill’ where a ditch is created to control water flow and the spoil from the new ditch used to create a new, sustainable path surface- re-seeding of eroded path sides.

If you would like to speak to us in more detail about Moorland Restoration please contact us.